An Exclusive Gift for VIP Attendees of the 2017 Flourish Women in Leadership Conference:

60 Minutes of Free Private Coaching

A $225 Value

                     Private Coaching for Inspiring Women
Who Want to Write and Publish
Their Book in the Next 120 Days.
You can have everything that comes
with being a published author: 

  • The credibility you need to secure high-paying speaking engagements

  • Respect from the leaders in your field

  • A platform to share your inspiring message with the world 
It doesn’t take years or tons of sweat . . . you just need the right support system.   

You’ve led a spectacular life. Your story should be told with the creative flair that it deserves. As your personal writing coach, I will teach you the writing techniques to make your readers care. There is a certain magic involved in bringing a masterpiece to life and I will show you behind the curtain.

Be daring. Be funny. Be sexy. Be opinionated. 
Be the story everyone wants to read.